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Implement advanced productivity tools with Microsoft 365. Migrate from any exisitng provider to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 for Your Business

Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular and suitable business solution for small and medium businesses. It provides most secure and elegant Email service and solution that can be paid for on a monthly billing cycle. Check the pricing for the various plans here.
Microsoft 365 is a cloud productivity solution. The prices and details here are for illustration purpose and you can know more about the offerings by visiting the Microsoft product website.
Shubbak Technologies is a registered Microsoft Partner. We provide complete billing, setup, maintenance, and support to our customers to make it easier for them to onboard and improve their productivity.
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The benefits of Microsoft 365

Businesses in Dubai are constantly seeking ways to enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. With the increasing reliance on remote work and digital communication, migrating to Microsoft 365 has become a strategic imperative for organizations looking to modernize their workplace and empower their teams with cutting-edge productivity tools.

Implementing Microsoft 365 offers numerous features for businesses, including:

Microsoft 365 Licenses
Plans and Pricing

Get the most secure and reliable Email Service

Why Migrate to Microsoft 365?

Migrating to Microsoft 365 is a strategic step toward a more connected, secure, and productive future for your business. If you’re currently using Google Workspace, cPanel, Plesk, or any other platform, now is the time to explore the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Enhanced Productivity

Empower your teams with powerful productivity tools that enable seamless collaboration and communication, leading to increased efficiency and productivit

Flexibility and Mobility

With Microsoft 365, employees can work from anywhere, on any device, thanks to cloud-based applications and services that enable remote access to work files and resources.

Advanced Security Features

Microsoft 365 offers robust security and compliance features, including data encryption, threat protection, and compliance tools, ensuring that your business data remains secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Scalability and Cost Savings

Microsoft 365 is a scalable solution that grows with your business, allowing you to customize licenses as per your business needs. Subscription-based pricing results in cost savings and predictable expenses.

Why Choose Shubbak Technologies for Microsoft 365 Migration in Dubai?

Migration projects sometimes can be complicated given the amount and the structure of the data. At Shubbak Technologies, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of businesses in Dubai. We apply complete project management methodology to ensure proper migration.

Our team of experienced Microsoft 365 consultants specializes in migration and implementation, providing end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives.  Contact us today to discuss your migration needs. Let’s work together to ensure a seamless transition, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft 365 for your business.

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We have helped many client in Microsoft 365 migration in Kuwait, UAE and across GCC.

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