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Unlock your business potential by leveraging online payments and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Payment gateway service providers in the Middle East including UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia

Shubbak Technologies excels in integrating payment gateways for various businesses, including retail shopping carts, subscription-based websites, B2C payment systems, and multivendor payouts across the UAE and GCC region.

Experience seamless, real-time monetary transactions with our secure and flexible payment gateway solutions from trusted third-party providers like PayPal, Google, and Authorize.Net, along with banks. We prioritize the protection of your sensitive data, employing advanced hardware and software encryption for flawless communication between you and your customers. Our expertise allows us to offer customized payment options on your website, tailored to your specific business requirements.
Online Payment Gateway integration with Mobile App and Website

Our suite of Payment Gateway Integrations

Integrate your website with Stripe payment gateway


Revolutionize your payment experience with Stripe, the game-changer in the UAE market. Start collecting payments effortlessly and skip the lengthy approval process. Discover seamless sign-up and registration here.
Amazon Payment Gateway Integration

Amazon Payments

Elevate your payment solutions with Amazon Payment Services, now a part of the Amazon family. Explore a wide range of payment methods and seamless integrations with UAE banks.
Integrate Paydo


Experience the rising star in the payment arena: Paydo. With support for KNET, credit cards, and cash on delivery, Paydo covers UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.
payment integration etisalat

Etisalat Payments

Trust Etisalat Payment Gateway, the renowned provider in the UAE. Benefit from a prominent gateway solution tailored to your needs.
Telr integration


Telr streamlines online purchases. Telr’s payment method is secure and easy to use. Accept global payments, manage transactions, and settle quickly. Telr, your online payment partner, brings payment gateways into the future.
payment integration paytab


Enter the world of convenience with Paytabs, the leading payment gateway based in Saudi Arabia. Embrace a variety of payment methods tailored for the entire GCC region. Register now for a hassle-free experience.
KNET Integration, Mobile App knet


Unlock Kuwait’s payment potential with KNET, the sleek and cost-effective payment gateway. Seamlessly integrate and cater to your Kuwait-based customers with the best prices in the market.
Integrate myfatoorah payment gateway with your website


MyFatoorah is one of the popular payment gateways in GCC with instant deposit, and wide range of payment options. It is available in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and can be integrated with almost any platform.


Most frequent questions about payment gateways

A Payment gateway is required to start collecting online payments. To register for a payment gateway In almost all the cases, you need to have a valid business license and a business bank account. Sign up with the Payment Service Provider (PSP) of your choice and start collecting payments.

KNET is based in Kuwait and available for Kuwait businesses. Stripe is currently only available in UAE. Gateway like myFatoorah, Paytabs are available in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait and a few more Middle Eastern countries.

The choice of payment gateway for your business depends on many factors such as location, business activity, volume, and checkout process. Contact us to get free consulting on which payment gateway is right for your business.

There are a few cost components in a payment gateway. Setup fee, Annual fee, Integration fee and Transactional fee. While comparing the prices of gateways, you should also keep in mind the quality of service.

The modern payment gateways can be integrated with almost all the platforms that provide integration APIs. The popular platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento have plugins to integrate with the gateway of your choice. Shubbak technologies is one of the most experienced company in providing payment gateway integration services across the countries and platforms. 

Modern payment gateways employ advance technologies and procedures such as Fraud Detection, AML and data security. Ensure that your gateway is equipped with the all the security measures and licensed for providing payment services by central bank.

Mastercard and Visa are the most popular payment methods in the region. Apart from those, the gateways also provide Amex, Apple pay and Samsung pay. Ensure that the gateway that you chose has seamless integration with all these methods and have clearly defined rates for them.

Apple Pay is a payment method with allows users to pay directly from their Apple Wallet without requiring to enter card details. You can check with your existing payment gateway if they support Apple Pay or contact us for more details.

Confused? Still not sure which payment gateway to sign up for?

Book your free consultation. Our team of expert consultants can help you with identifying, onboarding and integrating the right payment gateway for your business.

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