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System Integration

Our System Integration Services

Shubbak Technologies offers a wide array of services to cater to our customers’ diverse needs. Our skilled team provides extensive support for your business objectives through implementation, customization, migration, training, and additional value-added services.
Our System Integration expertise involves building sophisticated information systems with tailored architecture and applications. We seamlessly integrate these systems with hardware, software (both custom and packaged), and communication tools. This integration enhances functionality and delivers added value to your business.  
system integration

CRM and ERP Integration

Our integrated ERP and CRM systems streamline corporate operations and enhance management.

Integration with Zapier

Zapier integration seamlessly connects web apps with popular platforms like mail programs, marketing tools, calendars, customer support, and social platforms. It supports Basic Auth, Digest Auth, API Keys, and OAuth V2.

Ecommerce Integration

Our seamless e-commerce integration includes payment gateways, tax compliance providers, and more. It simplifies adding Ecommerce to your IT ecosystem.

CMS Integration

Our integration platform enables real-time linking of resources and capabilities across e-commerce CMS systems, delivering engaging digital experiences and driving revenue.

Our Solutions

Estee Digital

eCommerce Marketing

Ready Catalog

Product Information Management System

Ecommerce Solution

Website and Mobile Apps

Acumen CRM

Bespoke Business Solutions

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