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How to recover hacked website?

How To Tweak The WordPress Website To Remove Security Risks Key Measures To Follow

It could be a challenge to recover a hacked website. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Organizations of different sizes and genres use WordPress as their primary way to make an online presence. Being the most popular cms, it is also prone to attacks through trojans, malware. WordPress is a breeding ground for sending spam emails, malicious links, phishing sites, and socially engineered content.

How to recover hacked website?

While you may have implemented many ways to ensure the security of your WordPress website, sometimes the site may still get hacked due to a vulnerability in the third-party plugins, themes, or weak passwords.

To recover the website, try to get access to the file system and perform these basic checks and fixes.

  1. Take a full backup just in case you lose any data during cleanup.
  2. Make sure all the file permissions are correctly set up. Refer to this for guidelines.
  3. manually scan the files and clean any malicious code. The most prone files are index.php, .htaccess, wp-login.php, functions.php file of your theme.
  4. Perform a preliminary clean-up and gain access to your WordPress admin.
  5. Once you gain access to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, install Wordfence and perform a full scan. Wordfence will identify further malicious code and you can then clean them up or delete them if not required.
  6. Upgrade WordPress version, if required
  7. Upgrade all Plugins and themes as required
  8. Harden your WordPress website using these guidelines.

Once your WordPress website is fully cleaned, take a full backup.

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