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Why do you need a fast website?

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A website is important for your customers to discover your business. There are many attributes that are important to have a good website, however, one of the most important that is often neglected by businesses is having a fast one. The website speed impact many areas, some of the common ones are listed below:

  1. User Experience

    Website speed is an important UX factor. Your website may be designed very well, but without speed, you are virtually denying your users from accessing it. A fast website will keep your users engaged. They will enjoy or at least not be annoyed browsing your website and discovering your products and services.

  2. Page Rank

    Google deems page speed as an important factor to rank your website. Slow website = low ranking; which in turn will reduce your organic visits. Hence, website speed improvement is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Slow websites also increase the bounce rate which apparently is not good for the business.

    Bounce Rae is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

  3. Conversion Rate

    A slow website will make it difficult for the users to navigate through to the conversion step. Especially for eCommerce websites, if the checkout process is slow, you’ll considerably have a growing number of drops at the checkout step directly losing on sales.

    The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

  4. Load Time

    To check the load time of your website, visit Google page speed

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