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Official Mailchimp Partner in Dubai

Shubbak Technologies is excited to announce that we have become an official Mailchimp Partner in Dubai. As our agency prepares for the next chapter in modern marketing, utilizing the email marketing solution by MailChimp has proven to be one of the segment leaders by democratizing marketing technology. With the Mailchimp Partner Program, our clients get priority support, exclusive resources, and access to new Mailchimp products before the general public.

For our visitors, who are new to this Digital world and would like to learn What is this Mailchimp? let’s do some brainstorm.

Grow your revenue with Email Marketing

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an All-in-One marketing platform built to communicate with your clients, customers, or other parties majorly through emails. Originally designed as an alternative to the existing email software out there that was often expensive, it is now the go-to email marketing platform for small businesses. Mailchimp Automation allows SMEs to access technology that will help them grow and provide basic email marketing functionality.

What does being an official Mailchimp Partner mean for Shubbak Technologies?

Being a Mailchimp Email Agency allows us to grow our current email marketing offering and help strengthen our position as email marketing experts. As partners, we’ll get exclusive access to resources such as Mailchimp’s product roadmap. We’ll also benefit from an early look at new releases and updates, with access to beta-test these new features.

Being better informed about Mailchimp’s industry insights will let us plan more strategically. What’s more, by harnessing any new tools ahead of competitors, we can help our clients to operate on the cutting edge.

What does being an official Mailchimp Partner mean for Shubbak’s clients?

We’ll get access to priority support, which we can utilize for any of our clients who use the platform. Our clients can now rest assured that, if something interrupts their automated abandoned basket campaigns, we’ll be able to troubleshoot and fix the problem faster than ever!

Read about our email marketing service and its offerings.

Together with the Mailchimp platform and our expertise in Digital Marketing within the Dubai region, we can make sure you get the best return on your marketing investments. Create your Mailchimp account now.

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