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Stripe, a popular payment gateway launches in UAE

Stripe, one of the popular payment gateways, has finally launched in UAE. Stripe makes sign-up and payments a breeze for businesses.

Despite some large players in the payment industry in UAE and a remarkably advanced banking system, businesses have been struggling in accepting online payments in UAE. A usual turnaround time to get your merchant account approved to accept payments on your website from 4 to 12 weeks. As if the tedious process wasn’t enough, the exorbitant charges such as set up fee, annual fee, withdrawal fee have been keeping the businesses away from online payments.

UAE is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in the Middle East and the launch of Stripe would accelerate this growth and enable small merchants to start accepting online payments without much of the hassle.

Stripe account activation is almost immediate and the payment cycle is ultra-smooth. There are no charges except for transaction charges which means you don’t pay anything upfront or yearly.

The add-on services provided by Stripe such as Connected Accounts are a boon for marketplaces and drop-shippers as they can now settle their vendors via Stripe without worrying about a trail of reports and other charges.

How to register for Stripe Payment Gateway?

Registration for Stripe payment gateway is completely online. You don’t have to call any call center or chase sales people. Click here to start your registration.

How to integrate with Stripe?

Stripe has a rich SDK that supports almost all modern technologies including PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, etc. Hence, it is also popular in the plugin’s community and you can find many plugins that may be readily available for your framework.

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